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How will my order be packaged?

The bulk ware is packed as follow:

  • VMF pallets
  • Usually several layers high
  • Bottles against bottles or glass separated by cardboard dividers
  • Double plastic wrap

The cased ware is packed in 6 or 12 pack kraft content cases as follow:

  • Wine cork finish bottles:
    • Top seal
    • Neck down
    • 6 layers
    • All flaps down, bottom layer flaps up
    • Recycled VMF pallet
  • Winescrewfinish (BVS) bottlesandspiritbottles:

    • Bottom seal
    • Neck down
    • 6 layers
    • All flaps down, bottom layer flaps up
    • Recycled VMF pallet

How will my order be shipped?

Orders are shipped via common carriers. Shipping and handling charges will be added to your order. When we receive your order, a Bottle Express representative will contact you to schedule your delivery and take all the necessary information related to the delivery.

The standard accessibility requirements are as follow:

  • Accessible for full size truck with 53 ft trailer (unfortunately, we cannot deliver to residential addresses)
  • Forklift or pallet jack on site to offload the pallets
  • Loading dock
  • Crew on site to offload the pallets (The customer will be expected to unload the pallet(s) once the driver gets the pallet(s) to the back of the truck)

If you do not meet any of these requirements or have special instructions for the driver such as limited access, call ahead or appointment required, back-in to access, one-lane road or bride, gate code or call box etc please make sure to give this information to Bottle Express while scheduling your delivery and before you receive your shipping confirmation. Bottle Express may charge additional fees for special instructions communicated after the shipping has begun and the driver may refuse to proceed with the delivery or any added service if the provided instructions are incorrect. In this case, you may be charge the freight back to the warehouse and a restocking fee of $80 per pallet before we can deliver you again.

Once your online order is shipped, we will contact you will be E-mailed a shipping confirmation.

When will my order be shipped?

Orders placed on our site usually ship within 72 hours, Monday through Friday excluding holidays throughout the year. Orders received on Friday, or over the weekend will typically be shipped Tuesday or Wednesday.

Damage or issue with the delivery

All shipments are in good condition before they leave the warehouse. Once the shipment leaves the warehouse the freight carrier assumes responsibility for damage done during the shipment of your orderOnce the shipment arrives you should inspect it carefully for any damage. Once you sign for the delivery the freight company is released from any damage claims. If damage is found you should note it on the delivery ticket and call us immediately. If the damage is severe refuse the shipment and call us immediately.

We must emphasize the point that it is your responsibility to carefully inspect the shipment for any sign of damage internally or externally in front of the driver. You must note any damage found in writing on the delivery ticket.

The carrier company is a subcontractor of ours. The driver and employees of the carrier and trucking companies are not employees of Bottle Express. Therefore please contact Bottle Express directly for any assistance, issue with the driver or the delivery or any concern you may have regarding your delivery.

Customers may exceptionally impose the freight / carrier / delivery service of their choice to Bottle Express. In this case, customers are deemed entirely responsible for the appropriate loading of the goods, the shipment and the delivery of the goods from the pick-up address to the final destination. Any claims, reimbursement or loss must be addressed to and filed directly by the customer with the freight/carrier/ delivery service they chose. Bottle Express will not be responsible for any damage of any kind with third party delivery providers. Customers will hold Bottle Express harmless of any issue, lawsuit, damages done or incurred by the third party freight / carrier / delivery service imposed by customers to Bottle Express.

Do you charge sales tax?

Bottle Express prices do not include sales, manufacturer's, retailer's, occupation, excise, VAT or any similar other tax, fee, duty, tariff or other charge imposed by any governmental authority on any transaction between Bottle Express and the purchaser. The purchaser shall furnish evidence of any sales tax exemption and shall warrant the validity and accuracy thereof. In all events, any such tax, fee, duty, tariff or other charge, even if initially advanced by Bottle Express, shall be the sole obligation of, and shall be promptly paid by the purchaser.