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Burgundy Oregon 750ml Screw cap - Ardagh wine glass bottle - Bottle Express

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  • Finish: Stelvin© Screw cap
  • Bottle Weight: 513 g
  • Bottle Height: 295 mm
  • Bottle Diameter: 85.55 mm
  • Screw cap 30x60-1680
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Made in the USA Made in the USA



$0.77 per bottle

  • Cased pallet (924 bottles)


ProductBurgundy glass bottle
ColorAntique Green
Capacity750 ml
FinishScrew Cap (with skirt)
Bottle height (mm)295
Bottle diameter (mm)85.55
Bottle weight (g)513
Bottle Weight rangeFrom 500 to 700 g
Bottle Height rangeFrom 250 to 300 mm
PackingCased ware
Number of bottles per pallet924
Cases per pallet77
Number of bottles per case12
Pallet gross weight (Kg)1292.3
Pallet height (mm)1563.62
Pallet width (mm)1000
Pallet length (mm)1200
Made inUSA