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Why choosing Bottle Express?
-24/7 Online professional shopping
-Low Minimum Order Quantity
Several packing options available on stock to fit any budget and technical requirement. Choose between bulk ware, cased ware or unit bottles.
-Express Delivery
Choose your expected delivery date, we take care of the rest!
Bottle Express, buy your iconic glass online


-Verallia Glass
Verallia is a leading global glass manufacturer renown internationally for its expertise on quality premium glass. Formerly known as Saint-Gobain Packaging, Verallia’s glass manufacturing history and expertise begins in 1665. Now recognized as an innovation leader in the glass packaging industry, Verallia partners with Bottle Express to give you access to their packaging options online.
-Certified quality
Food safety is our top priority. Discover our AQL here.
-European quality glass
(otherwise indicated)


Why choosing Glass rather than plastic?
-Glass preserves your consumers' health
-Glass do not alter the taste of your products
-Glass magnify your products:
Visual and in-hand premium feeling
More custom decoration possibilities


At bottle Express, we are committed in giving our customers access to the latest glass packaging innovations on the market. From the product selection itself with internal embossing, new shapes and colors to customization technologies available on demand, we source the most innovative supplies for your beverage brands and make it available for you in just a few clicks.

-Bling collection
Internal embossing creations: Untouchable shapes appears as the liquid level decreases!

Wide range

-From small to large format bottles.

An incredible selection available with bottle capacities ranging from the mini 375ml to the maxi 15L.

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